The Esplanade

Explore The Esplanade at Redondo Beach

Explore The Esplanade at Redondo Beach and see what makes it such a great area to live in.

About The Esplanade

The ocean is your backyard when you live on The Esplanade.

Oceanfront property takes on a heightened meaning within The Esplanade at Redondo Beach. Enjoy the sun, sand, and waves just a stone’s throw away from excellent coastal real estate.

Schools in The Esplanade

Tulita Elementary School

Tulita Elementary School is a learning community of students, parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators designed by and for all of us.

10 Overall Rating

Alta Vista Elementary School

Alta Vista's mission is to provide a safe, orderly, and enriching learning environment where all children can learn and grow academically, physically, socially, and emotionally.

9 Overall Rating

Beryl Heights Elementary School

The community of Beryl Heights Elementary School is dedicated to providing an effective learning environment that achieves academic excellence and good character.

9 Overall Rating

Parras Middle School

The mission statement of Parris Middle School is to ensure continual growth in every student's learning and academic achievement while promoting responsible citizenship.

8 Overall Rating

Redondo Union High School

Redondo Union High School provides a safe educational environment that supports the needs and co-curricular interests of a diverse population of students.

9 Overall Rating

West High School

West High creates a collaborative community where all students engage in a caring and rigorous learning environment. They acquire essential skills and maximize their potential.

10 Overall Rating

Parks & Rec Near The Esplanade

The Best Redondo Beach Parks

  • Hopkins Wilderness Park
  • Franklin Park
  • Veterans Park
  • Perry Park
  • Anderson Park

Hopkins Wilderness Park

Hopkins Wilderness Park is an urban wilderness campground and nature study area comprised of 11 acres.

Franklin Park

Here you’ll find picnic areas with barbecues, two basketball courts, a children’s play structure, and lots of grass.

Veterans Park

Veterans Park is a 6.3 acre park with ocean views. You’ll find lots of grass and trees, and a memorial to RB veterans.

Perry Park

Perry Park features 4.13 acres of children’s play areas, picnic areas, a sports field, and basketball courts.

Anderson Park

Anderson Park is made up of 12.4 acres of basketball courts, tennis courts, and children’s play areas.

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