Moving to Los Angeles? Try Redondo Beach or Hermosa Beach

Start a Sunny, New Lifestyle in Redondo Beach or Hermosa Beach

Ready to start the next chapter of your life with a new home in an exciting new location? Consider Redondo Beach or Hermosa Beach, two of the picturesque beach towns found in Los Angeles County’s pocket of paradise, the South Bay.  

Choosing between these two coastal neighborhoods can be tough, but we’ll go through what both Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach can offer homebuyers in terms of housing costs, community, schools, and local attractions.

Cost of Housing

The cost of housing can often be the biggest factor in helping you determine where to buy a new home.

Redondo Beach is the more affordable option of the two beach towns, with the median home valued at $986,300. It offers a fantastic mix of Victorian cottages, Craftsman-style homes and classic bungalows.

Hermosa Beach is a bit more luxurious, with the average home valued at $1,695,100. This includes diverse architectural options from condos, townhomes, and Spanish Revival homes that are just a stone’s throw away from the ocean.


A sense of community can make or break your interest in a new neighborhood.  Redondo Beach is filled with new families and young professionals who have active lifestyles and a thirst for adventure. Being the larger of the two coastal communities, Redondo Beach is split into two sections: the north and south sides, each with its own personality. If you’re looking to be closer to the waterfront, keep your eye on south Redondo. Keep in mind that the cost is commensurate with the incredible location. Redondo Beach’s north side is further from the beach and offers more affordable housing options.

Hermosa Beach, like its neighbor, is a fantastic community comprised of affable multigenerational families and young professionals. This gives it warm and inviting small town sensibilities, so don’t be surprised if a local on their evening walk stops welcome you to the neighborhood.


Redondo Beach boasts an incredible public school system with 13 of its 19 schools scoring within the 80th and 90th percentiles in national performance indexes. The most notable include Alta Vista Elementary, Jefferson Elementary and Redondo Union High.

Hermosa Beach, meanwhile, offers stellar public elementary and middle schools and a bevy of competitive private schools.


What’s the point in moving to a new location if you can’t enjoy some of your favorite leisurely activities? Luckily, both of these beachfront communities have something for everyone.

In Redondo Beach, the central hub for dining and entertainment is the Redondo Pier. Here you can chow down on the freshest seafood, shop til you drop at boutiques, and even catch a pod of dolphins from this uniquely triangular pier. Don’t forget about the Esplanade, the trendiest street in Redondo Beach, which runs parallel to the shoreline and luxurious oceanside properties.

Hermosa Beach, on the other hand, offers a fantastic nightlife scene, centered around Pier Plaza, which is home to art shows, farmers markets, and trendy bars. Looking for some fun in the sun? Hermosa Beach reigns supreme when it comes to surfing, paddleboarding, and beach volleyball. The locals are so proud of their surf, they’ve even given the late Hermosa Beach surf legend, Tim Kelly, with his own statue.

Can’t Decide?

Buying a home in either Redondo Beach or Hermosa Beach is a big decision you don’t have to make alone. Reach out to trusted and approachable South Bay realtor, Mike Rossi, for the inside scoop on neighborhood listings. With 18 years of experience in the South Bay, Mike will use his undisputed insight and connections to find you your dream oceanfront property. Contact him today!